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Amazon offers one of the best online arbitrage lists. It has the biggest online wholesale marketplace, with thousands of items from nearly every niche imaginable.

amazon online arbitrage list

Amazon has over 8 million items in its inventory, and over a quarter of that is in the retail categories. This is not an official list, but it is a good place to start.

The only issue is that you can select items at any time you like. There is no holding back.

With the assistance of the Amazon store analyst I was able to determine which items to order. That meant I could reach out to them if I ever needed assistance with the shopping cart or something else related to my orders.

I received many free gifts with each purchase when I purchased wholesale prices. For example, I received my first Prime shipping for free with a simple purchase.

What is Prime? It is an attractive package that includes two years of free one way shipping on certain purchases, as well as a lot of other additional perks.

When you purchase on Amazon you also get a membership to Amazon Web Pages, so you can access Amazon’s website and even use it to manage your own online store. This is how you sell your items from your Kindle.

I have spent hours looking through the Amazon store and the list. I didn’t find anything that had a real value for me.

The best part about the list is the fact that you can enter virtually any category and find items to sell. I don’t believe I have ever come across a single item that I didn’t have an interest in.

Save time by searching for products that fit your search. I used eBay when I was searching for an eBay affiliate account.

Then when I looked for an eBay account, I found that they accepted people that make their income through selling on eBay. The same applies to Amazon.