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From the beginning, Amazon has been using it’s reputation to make money online, but what about their affiliate marketers? Do they have any leverage to increase retail arbitrage profits? You bet!

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There are many advantages of using Amazon as an affiliate, but there is one major disadvantage: you can only make money if your customer makes a purchase. If you do not sell a product, you lose money. So how can you use the reputation of Amazon to your advantage?

Start by creating a reddit account, and start asking questions about the advantages of using Amazon as an affiliate. Then talk about how to make money online with Amazon. Use customer service as your talking point. Ask for their customer support numbers, email them, and tell them that if you ever need a specific customer service number, you can always use reddit’s customer service and get it answered in no time.

Also include some links to your Amazon reviews on your article as well, especially one that tells the reader about how to make money with Amazon. Another one that explain how to submit your own Amazon store, Amazon Seller Central, and give a link to your Amazon store.

After you have completed your website and your marketing materials, start promoting the business opportunity. Ask your friends and family about it. They will be more than happy to help you with the marketing efforts if you offer them something in return.

Take part in the discussions on Amazon’s forum. Take part in the discussions about their products. Provide them with information that they can use to make money with Amazon.

Join product forums and make a new account. Make sure you add the key phrase’Amazon arbitrage’ to your signature, and use your own information about how to make money with Amazon in your signature.

While you are doing this, you can also make a few friends at Amazon. Ask them if they know of anyone who might want to buy an item from you. Make sure you include a link to your site at the end of your message, and send them a message with your link in it.

It is a good idea to take a week or two off from marketing on Amazon while you wait for inventory to come in. Keep your customers coming back by keeping your customers happy. This is the number one key to success in Amazon retail arbitrage.

Provide excellent customer service. You want your customers to contact you and tell you how great you are, so you need to be available when they do. The fewer times your customers are able to contact you, the less interest they will have in purchasing anything from you.

Use your customer service to its fullest ability. Always reply to emails, and always provide honest and accurate information.

With all of these tips in place, and using your own strategy, you will have a customer base that grows daily. So that is the secret to building an Amazon retail arbitrage business. Remember, it takes a little bit of work to build an Amazon retail arbitrage business, but it is worth it.