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eBay, Amazon Arbitrage Redditor

Amazon and eBay have recently come together to offer an eBay affiliate program called Amazon Arbitrage. This is basically eBay’s affiliate program where you can earn commissions off of products you sell on their site. The catch with this is that the customer has to physically go to the website to purchase the product. I know many retail people who refuse to do business on eBay because of this “physical” factor. Well, there is good news for those people.

That “physical” barrier is now broken! You can now earn commissions off of products on eBay just as easily as you can from retail locations! And you can do it from the comfort of your own home. How amazing is that? Here is how to take advantage of it.

First, you must understand eBay’s Arbitrage system. Basically, when a buyer bids for an item on eBay, they put a “buy it now” bid into the bidding competition. The highest bidder wins the auction and then it becomes “locked”, meaning no one else can win the auction. Now the item is listed as available and the buyer has to wait for the buyer price to rise above the retail price. This is called “buying it now” and when the buyer pays for the item, eBay charges the retail price to the buyer’s PayPal account and sends the retail price to the seller or buyer.

Now let us say you have an Amazon account and you want to start earning commissions from selling on eBay. It is very simple, all you need is an Amazon Affiliate Program account. Go to the Amazon main page and click Affiliate Programs. Next click “Create your account” and follow the simple sign up directions. After you have successfully created your Amazon Affiliate Program account, you will need to log in to your account and create a “Seller Profile”.

Next, you will need to sign in with your user name and password, which are always given to you when you register with Amazon. Next fill out the application form. When prompted to enter in your e-mail address, your eBay affiliate ID, your name or your affiliate link. Once you have done that click the “Submit” button.

Finally, you will need to set your prices using the Sell Anything Tool provided by eBay. This allows you to set a maximum bid price for any single product. For this process to work, you must have the lowest bid price as the base price for the eBay auction. Also be sure to set the “Sell Anything” icon to true. If you do not see it as a true icon, set it to false so that you are only charged the lowest price for whatever it is you want to sell.

After your eBay Amazon Arbitrage Reddit account has been approved, you are now ready to actually place bids on the auction. When your bids are received the highest bidder will be chosen. However, be sure to check to see if the price of the product has decreased before you set a bid. If it has, then you can set your bidding price accordingly. On the other hand, if the item sold for more than you bid, then you lose and should note that in your auction history.

Be sure to set your bidding price so that it is below the actual selling price of the item. The eBay Amazon Arbitrage Redditor will charge you 25% of the actual amount of the item sold. So be sure to set a realistic price. If the item sold for less than you bid, you will still be charged the seller’s fee.