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Arbitrage is a way to buy products in bulk at wholesale prices and resell it for a profit. Retail arbitrage has been around for a long time. In today’s economic climate, retail arbitrage is more profitable than ever. If you are looking to sell wholesale products, then read on. I’ll discuss the top items to sell in retail stores.

Wholesale: You’ve probably heard of SaleHoo. SaleHoo is one of the largest online directories of wholesale distributors. Some of the wholesale drop shippers that you find on their site are even drop shippers for retail stores. Their list includes some of the best brands in the business, which give you a big profit margin.

Retail Products: Most of the top selling products in the retail world are marked down or are priced too low by the manufacturer. These products are then resold by the manufacturers at a discount to the end consumer. One example of this would be cell phones. Many cell phone manufacturers put out models at a ridiculously low price to push more sales. Another example is designer clothing. Often these designer clothing items get resold in retail stores at prices much lower than their retail value.

Online Retail Stores: The retail arbitrage rule also applies to online retail stores. On e-commerce sites, you can find products that you want to sell at huge discounts. Often times, these products will be imported from other countries and have a much lower cost than their “real world” counterpart. This allows you to sell these products for less money and ultimately make a bigger profit. Another example would be electronics.

Brands: Some of the more popular brands among wholesale resellers are Ann Taylor, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Victoria, and Gucci. These companies are not always inexpensive, and so they appeal to many buyers. However, they can be bought for far less than retail, allowing you to make a bigger profit. Also, some of these brands will go overpriced because there is just so much demand for them among retail stores.

EBay: If you have an auction website, you may have heard of eBay. This site allows you to sell items in bulk at extremely discounted prices. Most people who frequent this website do not know the products that they can buy wholesale at such low prices and therefore do not know what to do with them. As an owner of an auction website, you can take in the profits from these wholesale items and then turn around and resell them to retail stores at a high profit.

Buying in Bulk: Sometimes it makes sense to buy in bulk. Maybe you need to buy a thousand dollars worth of something and buy it all at once. There may be retail stores that will take these items and make them their own, but often there are left over items that you can purchase from the wholesaler and resell to retail stores. This is another way to make money off of your items by setting up auctions on eBay. You can also check websites such as Amazon to see if you can buy items at a discount and resell them to retail stores.

Finding Retail Arbitrage Best Items on eBay: When you’re looking to find items to sell, you may want to take your research even further online. Many people do not realize that there are websites such as Amazon where you can search for brand names that you want to sell at wholesale prices. Amazon even allows you to determine what retail stores you want to sell your product to. The only downside is that you don’t know if the price offered is the best price for you. You may also want to consider shopping in bulk with wholesale retailers.