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One of the most important and productive assets you have for running a successful business online is the traffic that you get from the Internet. How to increase website traffic to your website? Many webmasters are at a loss over which way to go when it comes to driving traffic to their sites. Many different types of techniques exist, including article marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, joint ventures, blogging, and many other strategies. Which ones will work best for your website?

Free and paid methods to drive traffic to your website. Which ones will be more effective? Which tools should you use? Learn how to gather information about your visitors, including what keywords they searched for to reach your site.

Free Ways To Increase Website Traffic One of the free ways to increase website traffic is to get listed in the free directories. This will usually take a few months, but it’s worth it, because Google looks at directory listings very favorably. In addition to listing in directories, you should also consider submitting articles to the many free Ezine publications out there. Write articles that are informative, not only about your own products and services, but about the subject of your niche.

Free Methods To Drive Traffic To Your Site One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to increase website traffic is to write regular blog posts. Blogs provide great opportunities to build an audience and, depending on your niche, attract new customers. Some marketers choose to write blog posts every morning, some every afternoon, and others once a week. Regardless of how often you write blog posts, you need to provide interesting, relevant content in order to keep readers interested in reading what you have to say. Also, be sure to link to your landing pages or to your contact information somewhere in the blog post.

Free Methods To Increase Website Traffic, another way to increase traffic to a website is through social media. Social media websites provide a great opportunity for online marketers to connect with their audience and promote products and services. Some of the social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg and Tumbler. If you are not familiar with these social media sites, they provide great tools for sharing information, sharing links, and generating traffic. You can use the analytics available on these websites to learn which posts are getting the most attention, which are most clicked on and by whom, and which types of people are most interested in the link you provide.

Free Method To Increase Website Traffic One of the easiest methods to generate traffic is to write a blog post and then submit it to one of the major search engines. A blog post will link back to your website. For example, if you write a blog post about dog grooming, you can write a link to your website at the end of your blog post. When you create content, Google will record the details, which is called a backlink, that you have placed in your backlink.

Free Method To Increase Website Traffic The most effective method to increase website traffic is through retargeting. With this technique, you create a campaign to target specific keywords related to your business and then submit your website to the search engine based on the specific search terms. Google will then track the behavior of these retargeting ads. This is how you will learn which keywords and key phrases are creating the most traffic for you. You can then focus your efforts on advertising these specific keywords and key phrases more heavily.

Google AdWords is a great way to advertise. You can set up an account with Google AdWords and bid on keywords or key phrases related to your business. When someone clicks on your Google ads, you will pay a certain amount to Google, but because you bid on popular keywords, you can more effectively drive traffic to your website than if you were to advertise less popular keywords.