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Marshalls Retail Arbitrage vs Sprouts

I am told by a friend that Marshalls Retail Arbitrage is actually similar to Scentsy. They are not the same product and do not carry the same prices. There are plenty of other stores that also have the same feature but the two I am interested in today, Marshalls and Sprouts are the only two that I have checked out so far.

In the new trend in high-end perfume at Target, Marshalls Retail Arbitrage is selling on their website for the same price as Marshalls Value. Both perfumes are rather expensive. In my opinion, Target is benefiting from the fact that the lines are open and they have sold a lot of these products to people who do not really need the extra items at this time.

I wanted to compare the two perfumes because Marshalls Retail Arbitrage does not have that many fragrances to choose from. Both of the perfumes have more than 500 perfumes, but I wanted to know if Marshalls would be able to compete with the popularity of Scentsy. They can.

The main difference between these two perfumes is that one fragrance has a unique scent that is a bit stronger than the other. If I were picking a great smelling perfume, I would probably choose the stronger one. For some reason I prefer fragrances that are very strong like Cologne.

As you look through all of the fragrances, you will be able to find what you are looking for in the other ones. You will not like one, but the other will be a better choice for you. After all, you are buying both scents so there is no need to like one fragrance more than the other.

Spray it on – One of the good things about Marshalls is that it sprays very easily. With Spray it does not come off like perfume. It comes out in a spray. That is one of the reasons that it is a little bit stronger. It is also a little bit longer lasting than perfume.

Well, there is a problem with this. You are not going to use it when you are going out on the town. I know that you cannot do anything about the fact that it may go into your perfume line up but I wanted to show you the flaws of Marshalls Retail Arbitrage.

So, on to the next bottle and that is the one I am talking about – the cheaper one. This one smells the same as the spray version. Now if you read the label on the cheaper version, it says “A Perfect Blend of Citrus and Blossom.” I am not sure about the Blossom part but I know it is not real.

If you don’t like perfume at all, this is not for you. But, if you enjoy the fragrance and wish to save money, Marshalls has a perfume for you. Sprinkle it on, spray it on, you can have fun with that one.

It is less costly than the spray version, but you still get some UVA and UVB protection. Both of those are important in protecting your skin from the sun. A lot of people don’t wear sunscreen while they are outdoors.

Price is not the only difference between Marshalls Retail Arbitrage and Sprouts. Sprouts has been around for years and has always been a top seller. You can get a different scent like Smarties, Crystal Light, or Frosted Flakes without having to pay full price.

Marshalls Retail Arbitrage is similar to Sprouts in that they are both sold in the large department stores. They have the same amount of fragrances. And it is nice to know that they both will be available in the online store soon.