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The second Annual Amazon Retail Arbitrage Awards is being held in Vegas. This prestigious competition will focus on creating a unified strategy for finding the best deals on to enable retailers and other suppliers to more efficiently compete with Amazon.

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Amazon Retail Arbitrage is the most prestigious annual trade show focused exclusively on Amazon retail arbitrage. This industry event provides a venue for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers to showcase and discuss their goods, services, and strategies.

This event is a unique opportunity for retailers to stand out from the crowd in the final ecommerce shopping season of the year. Your information in ecommerce is your brand. It represents you, your business, and your products or services and every aspect of your brand is important in this type of environment.

Retail Arbitrage strives to bring together retailers and suppliers so that they can more efficiently help each other win market share. The focus of this event is on one-on-one strategy sessions where retailers and suppliers can learn how to effectively compete with Amazon. By meeting with key suppliers and retailers on the key marketplaces, retailers and suppliers can begin to understand how to win on Amazon.

Starting November 4th in Las Vegas, Amazon Retail Arbitrage attendees will have the opportunity to meet with key influencers in this highly competitive industry. New strategy sessions organized by current participants will be announced soon.

“We’ve seen how the merchants at Amazon Retail Arbitrage enhance their visibility in this crowded industry. We are delighted to partner with them this year to provide a forum for retailers to discuss their experience. We see this event as a new model of connecting retailers and suppliers across the industry. We hope the suppliers and retailers do well at Amazon Retail Arbitrage” saysAshley Williams, Vice President of marketing at

When you attend the Amazon Retail Arbitrage 2020 trade show you will also have the opportunity to meet with many of the individuals who are creating the event. These individuals include: Tim DeVocht, Associate Executive Director of the National Association of Wholesalers, John Skinner, Executive Director of the Coalition for the Freedom of Information and Sam Levine, Senior Director, Publisher Solutions for the International Information Products Association.

In addition to these industry leaders, Amazon Retail Arbitrage attendees will also have the opportunity to learn from and discuss their strategies with members of Amazon’s company sales and service teams. The team will discuss strategy, tips, and tactics they use to make customers’ shopping experience as easy and effortless as possible. This is the most convenient way to shop on Amazon.

There will be an Annual Policy Briefing for all attendees of Amazon Retail Arbitrage 2020, including Business Owners, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers. There will also be detailed breakout sessions on best practices and ideas for success. The policy briefing is designed to answer any questions that participants may have and provide insight on industry standards and practices.

“Amazon Retail Arbitrage helps retailers to find the best way to communicate with their customers. We love the opportunity to get together with others to network and develop strategies,” says John Nordmark, President of Nordmark Group, LLC.

“The topics covered at Amazon Retail Arbitrage are about as varied as the companies and individuals that participate. The program provides a great framework for understanding what’s happening within the marketplace,” says Dan Foley, Founder of The Procurement Review Company.

“We look forward to participating in Amazon Retail Arbitrage 2020 as our combined experience in retailing will help everyone get closer to the ideal customer,” says Stephen McGowan, CEO of Clearleap Inc. “The event will give us a chance to develop strategies on how to better offer our customers what they need in order to purchase products and services from us.” This article is provided for informational purposes only. The information contained herein should not be construed as investment or legal advice. The author assumes no liability in regard to the contents herein. and is not liable for loss or damage arising from use of the information contained herein.