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Online Businesses around the World is using WalMart’s and Amazon’s Arbitrage Technique to multiply their Income online. This Arbitrage Strategy was developed by Jeff Czyzewski and Mark Ling. The Amazon Affiliate Program (AAP) was developed for the sole purpose of making online retail merchants aware of the fact that they can leverage on the power of Millions of shoppers worldwide. With such massive membership base, an online merchant does not need to develop offline infrastructure or spend thousands of Dollars to get started. They do not even need to have their own IT staff to set up and maintain internet servers. All these and more can be achieved by simply setting up websites with Amazon and Walmart as affiliates, by creating unique websites to promote their products and services as well as by using Walmart and Amazon’s “Affiliate Services” to drive traffic to their sites and generate sales.

walmart to amazon arbitrage

A few years back, when I first started my own ecom business without any help, I wasted months trying different tactics just to figure out what worked and what didn’t. One day, just like that, everything became clear to me. I just needed to learn how to automate my internet marketing business using simple tools that wouldn’t cost me anything to implement and wouldn’t take up much space in my basement. So, I started my quest in search for an eBook that would teach me the step by step process of setting up my own ecom store using Amazon and Walmart as my affiliates.

I quickly realized that the first step of this process was to create a website using either WordPress or Blogger. Both of these sites are very easy to use, don’t require any special hosting or software and are highly compatible with most web browsers. Next, I would need to find some high-selling products to list my store with. The best way to find the top selling items is to go to eBay, peruse the listings, narrow down the search results to the top ten sellers and then list the products. Most people who buy at Amazon will also buy at eBay and if you are on the top ten seller list at eBay, you will probably sell there, too.

This was the easiest part of the process. However, it still required me to do a lot of keyword research, create unique content for each page and drive traffic to my site. My final step in setting up my own eBay affiliate store was to choose which products to sell. I quickly realized that to make the biggest profit possible, I needed to be selling high-ticket items such as electronics, cameras, watches, music systems and so on. I quickly realized that there was a much bigger opportunity to be had by selling high-ticket products such as spa and salon supplies, spa and salon accessories, health and wellness products, diet and nutrition products and so on.

Once I had listed the Walmart products that I wanted to sell, I went to the Google Trends section and searched for the keywords that I believed would have the greatest sales when I compared them to the original prices on the Walmart website. I found that searches for “Walmart to Amazon arbitrages” were more popular than searches for “commerce.” I soon learned that Amazon had an app for both its mobile and its web devices and so this was the second part of my Walmart to Amazon arbitrage scheme. I opened the app and began to enter my data from the original eBay and Amazon pay pal transactions into the app.

When I actually launched the app, I was surprised to find that it was free. It is very simple to use and all of my searches and reports were available for instant access. I was able to track my sales and commissions on the major categories, my most profitable store visits and the sales I earned from each of those visits. All of my information was constantly fed into my customized Wal-Mart to Amazon arbitrage report that I could customize any time to get a snapshot of exactly where I was making the most money. This was the easiest and fastest way for me to find out what my actual earnings were at any given moment.

After six months, I had a huge profit bank. Because I owned the shopify store, I was able to use the top notch shopping cart software provided by Wal-Mart and integrate it very easily with my existing shopify hosting. This allowed me to offer my own unique products and give my customers the choice of using a PayPal account or a credit card to pay.

Wal-Mart’s app makes it easy for me to do this because they provide the highest commission rates on the hottest selling products. This is just another way for me to turn extra profits into extra cash. People are always telling me that I should give back what I have gained. I have spent a lot of money and I want to keep all of it. The Amazon arbitrage program makes it very easy to do that while giving me the most profit potential.